Preferred Language ISO 639.2

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Preferred Language ISO 639.2
As specified by the Library of Congress, ISO 639-2 alpha-3 codes limited to those that also have a corresponding alpha-2 code in ISO 639-1 (incorporated by reference in § 170.299).
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Value List
Unit of Measure:
Value Code Name Code Code System Code Description
aar Afar language C0574156 UMLS
abk Abkhazian language C0574230 UMLS
afr Afrikaans language C0001757 UMLS
aka Akan language C2919582 UMLS
alb (B) Albanian language C0001910 UMLS
amh Amharic language C0162874 UMLS
ara Arabic language C0574175 UMLS
arg Aragonese language C2919348 UMLS
arm (B) Armenian language C0003799 UMLS
asm Assamese language C0574332 UMLS
ava Avaric language
bak Bashkir language C0574198 UMLS
bam Bambara language C0574511 UMLS
baq (B) Basque language C0574297 UMLS
bel Belorussian language C0004958 UMLS
ben Bengali language C0004981 UMLS
bih Bihari language C0574335 UMLS
bis Bislama language C2585476 UMLS
tib (B) Tibetan language C0040183 UMLS
bos Bosnian language C2919581 UMLS
bre Breton language C0574305 UMLS
bul Bulgarian language C0006369 UMLS
bur (B) Burmese language C0006417 UMLS
cat Catalan language C0007366 UMLS
cze (B) Czech language C0010871 UMLS
cha Chamorro language C0574369 UMLS
che Chechen language C0574225 UMLS
chi (B) Chinese Language C0008120 UMLS
chu Church Slavic language C3872817 UMLS
chv Chuvash language C0574191 UMLS
cor Cornish language C0682388 UMLS
cos Corsican language C2584754 UMLS
cre Cree language C0574533 UMLS
wel (B) Welsh language C0376253 UMLS
dan Danish language C0010969 UMLS
ger (B) German language C0017477 UMLS
div Maldivian language C0574339 UMLS
dut (B) Dutch Language C0376241 UMLS
dzo Jonkha language C0574674 UMLS
gre (B) Greek language C0574315 UMLS
eng English Language C0376245 UMLS
est Estonian language C0014909 UMLS
ewe Ewe language C0574498 UMLS
fao Faroese language C0574310 UMLS
per (B) Persian language C0031188 UMLS
fij Fijian language C0574392 UMLS
fin Finnish language C0016134 UMLS
fre (B) French language C0376246 UMLS
fry Western Frisian language C2919859 UMLS
ful Fulah language C2919373 UMLS
geo (B) Georgian language C0017453 UMLS
gla Gaelic language C2585333 UMLS
gle Irish language C1553352 UMLS
glg Galician language C2585445 UMLS
glv Manx language C2919372 UMLS
grn Guarani language C0574239 UMLS
guj Gujarati language C0018388 UMLS
hat Haitian language
hau Hausa language C0574154 UMLS
heb Hebrew language C0018863 UMLS
her Herero language C0574443 UMLS
hin Hindi language C0019547 UMLS
hmo Hiri Motu language
hrv Croatian language C0684046 UMLS
hun Hungarian language C0020173 UMLS
ibo Ibo language C0574503 UMLS
epo Esperanto C0014880 UMLS
ido Ido language C3872822 UMLS
iii Nousu language C2919527 UMLS
iku Inuktitut language C2585733 UMLS
ile occidental language C0574213 UMLS
ina Interlingua C0021766 UMLS
ind Indonesian language C0021248 UMLS
ipk Inupiaq language C2585216 UMLS
ita Italian language C0022275 UMLS
jav Javanese language C0574373 UMLS
jpn Japanese language C0376247 UMLS
kal Kalaallisut language C2586232 UMLS
kan Kanarese language C0574287 UMLS
kas Kashmiri language C0574337 UMLS
kau Kanuri language C0574653 UMLS
kaz Kazakh language C0022536 UMLS
khm Central Khmer language C2584864 UMLS
kik Kikuyu language C0574445 UMLS
kin Ruanda language C0682416 UMLS
kir Kirgiz language C0574201 UMLS
kom Komi language C0574690 UMLS
kon Kongo language C0574447 UMLS
kor Korean language C0022774 UMLS
kua Kuanyama language C2919349 UMLS
kur Kurdish language C0574352 UMLS
lao Lao language C0023033 UMLS
lat Latin language C0023121 UMLS
lav Latvian language C0023129 UMLS
lim Limburgan language C2919860 UMLS
lin Lingala language C0574448 UMLS
lit Lithuanian language C0023880 UMLS
ltz Luxembourgish language
lub Luba language C0574451 UMLS
lug Ganda language C0574440 UMLS
mac (B) Macedonian language C0024407 UMLS
mah Marshallese language C0574386 UMLS
mal Malayalam language C0024551 UMLS
mao (B) Maori Language C0376248 UMLS
mar Marathi language C0024782 UMLS
may (B) Malay language C0024549 UMLS
mlg Malagasy language C0574375 UMLS
mlt Maltese language C0574178 UMLS
mon Mongolian language C0026409 UMLS
nau Nauruan language C0574387 UMLS
nav Navajo language C0574545 UMLS
ndo Ndonga language C2919911 UMLS
nep Nepali language C0027690 UMLS
nor Norwegian language C0028424 UMLS
ice (B) Icelandic language C0020751 UMLS
nob Norwegian Bokmål language C2919921 UMLS
nno Norwegian Nynorsk language C2919512 UMLS
nya Nyanja language C0574464 UMLS
oci Occitan language C0684043 UMLS
oji Chippewa Language C0574538 UMLS
ori Oriya language C0574340 UMLS
orm Oromo language C0574158 UMLS
oss Ossetian language C0574354 UMLS
pan Punjabi language C0424925 UMLS
pli Pali language C3872812 UMLS
pol Polish language C0032376 UMLS
por Portuguese language C0376250 UMLS
pus Pashtu language C0424924 UMLS
que Quechua language C0574241 UMLS
roh Romansh language C2585590 UMLS
rum (B) Rumanian language C0035827 UMLS
run Rundi language C0574467 UMLS
rus Russian language C0035967 UMLS
sag Sango language C0574427 UMLS
san Sanskrit language C0574346 UMLS
sin Sinhalese language C0574348 UMLS
slo (B) Slovak language C0037332 UMLS
slv Slovenian language C0574327 UMLS
sme Northern Sami language C2919920 UMLS
smo Samoan language C0574401 UMLS
sna Shona language C0376252 UMLS
snd Sindhi language C0574347 UMLS
som Somali language C0574161 UMLS
sot Southern Sotho language C2585592 UMLS
spa Spanish Language C0037750 UMLS
srd Sardinian language C0574322 UMLS
srp Serbian language C2919513 UMLS
ssw Swazi language C0574471 UMLS
sun Sundanese language C0574382 UMLS
swa Swahili language C0038977 UMLS
swe Swedish language C0038996 UMLS
tah Tahitian language C0574402 UMLS
tam Tamil language C0039285 UMLS
tat Tatar language C0574204 UMLS
tel Telugu language C0039466 UMLS
tgk Tajik language C0162882 UMLS
tgl Tagalog language C0039255 UMLS
tha Thai language C0039724 UMLS
tir Tigrinya language C0574173 UMLS
ton Tongan language C0574403 UMLS
tsn Tswana language C0574475 UMLS
tso Tsonga language C0574474 UMLS
tuk Turkmen language C0574210 UMLS
tur Turkish language C0041402 UMLS
twi Twi language C0574507 UMLS
uig Uigur language C0574207 UMLS
ukr Ukrainian language C0041581 UMLS
urd Urdu language C0041941 UMLS
uzb Uzbek language C0574208 UMLS
ven Venda language C0574477 UMLS
vie Vietnamese language C0042660 UMLS
vol Volapuk language C3872834 UMLS
wln Walloon language C2919244 UMLS
wol Wolof language C0574528 UMLS
xho Xhosa language C0043354 UMLS
yid Yiddish language C0043412 UMLS
yor Yoruba language C0574509 UMLS
zha Chuang language C0574665 UMLS
zul Zulu language C0376254 UMLS
nbl South Ndebele language C2919374 UMLS
nde North Ndebele language C2919910 UMLS


Preferred Language ISO 639.2


As specified by the Library of Congress, ISO 639-2 alpha-3 codes limited to those that also have a corresponding alpha-2 code in ISO 639-1 (incorporated by reference in § 170.299).