Speech language pathology focus area leisure community intervention type

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Speech language pathology focus area leisure community intervention type
The type of intervention used for leisure and/or community as part of the speech and language therapy treatment session
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Value List
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Value Code Name Code Code System Code Description
1 Breath Coordination Breath Coordination
2 Speech Intelligibility Strategies Speech Intelligibility Strategies
3 Speech Sound Production Speech Sound Production
4 Vocal Function Exercises Vocal Function Exercises
5 Speaking Valve Speaking Valve
6 Conversation Conversation
7 Turn-Taking Turn-Taking
8 Establishing Joint Attention Establishing Joint Attention
9 Initiation Initiation
10 Topic Maintenance/Change Topic Maintenance/Change
11 Cause/Effect Cause/Effect
12 Object Permanence Object Permanence
13 Functional Play Functional Play
14 Play Skills Play Skills
15 Environmental Problem Solving Environmental Problem Solving
16 Paper/Pencil Problem Solving Paper/Pencil Problem Solving
17 Sequencing Sequencing
18 Verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning
19 Functional Problem Solving Functional Problem Solving
20 Visual Scanning Visual Scanning
21 Visual Attention Visual Attention
22 Auditory Attention Auditory Attention
23 Cognition Assessment Cognition Assessment
24 Language Assessment Language Assessment
25 Speech Assessment Speech Assessment
26 AAC Assessment AAC Assessment
27 Swallowing Assessment - Bedside Swallowing Assessment - Bedside
28 Swallowing Assessment - FEES Swallowing Assessment - FEES
29 Swallowing Assessment - MBSP Swallowing Assessment - MBSP
30 Hearing Screening Hearing Screening
31 Following 1-Step Commands Following 1-Step Commands
32 Following Multi-Step Commands Following Multi-Step Commands
33 Word Matching Word Matching
34 Yes/No Questions Yes/No Questions
35 Wh- Questions Wh- Questions
36 Sentence Comprehension Sentence Comprehension
37 Paragraph Comprehension Paragraph Comprehension
38 Morphology/Syntax Morphology/Syntax
39 Sequencing Sequencing
40 Categorization Categorization
41 Object Identification Object Identification
42 Picture Discrimination Picture Discrimination
43 Picture Identification Picture Identification
44 Object Function Object Function
45 Pre-Swallowing (Oral Hygiene) Pre-Swallowing (Oral Hygiene)
46 Meal Observation Analysis Meal Observation Analysis
47 Oral Stim/Desensitization Oral Stim/Desensitization
48 P.O. Trials P.O. Trials
49 Swallow Strengthen Exercise Swallow Strengthen Exercise
50 Oral Motor Swallow Exercises Oral Motor Swallow Exercises
51 Swallow Strategies/Maneuvers Swallow Strategies/Maneuvers
52 Multi-Modal Communication Multi-Modal Communication
53 High-Tech Com Device High-Tech Com Device
54 Low-Tech Com Device Low-Tech Com Device
55 Operational Competency Operational Competency
56 Strategic Competency Strategic Competency
57 Pictures/PECS Pictures/PECS
58 Manual Signs Manual Signs
59 Patient Education Patient Education
60 Caregiver/Patient Education Caregiver/Patient Education
61 Com Partner Training Com Partner Training
62 Assistive Technology Training Assistive Technology Training
63 Naming/Object ID/Labeling Naming/Object ID/Labeling
64 Gesture Use/Demo Obj. Function Gesture Use/Demo Obj. Function
65 Describe Picture/Object Function Describe Picture/Object Function
66 Morphology/Syntax Morphology/Syntax
67 Phrase Production Phrase Production
68 Defining Words Defining Words
69 Compound/Complex Sentence Compound/Complex Sentence
70 Asking/Answering Questions Asking/Answering Questions
71 Multi-Sentence Production Multi-Sentence Production
72 Conversation level Conversation level
73 Simple Functional Tasks Simple Functional Tasks
74 Identify signs in community Identify signs in community
75 Developing Daily Schedule Developing Daily Schedule
76 Complex Functional Tasks Complex Functional Tasks
77 Community Outings Community Outings
78 Delayed Recall Delayed Recall
79 Immediate Recall Immediate Recall
80 Compensation- Ext Strategy Compensation- Ext Strategy
81 Compensation- Internal Strategy Compensation- Internal Strategy
82 Spaced Retrieval Spaced Retrieval
83 Working Memory Working Memory
84 Verbal Orientation Review Verbal Orientation Review
85 Sensory Stimulation Sensory Stimulation
86 Games Games
87 Switch Toys Switch Toys
88 Switch Training Activities Switch Training Activities
89 Computer App (Office/Email/Web) Computer App (Office/Email/Web)
90 Specialized Software Specialized Software
91 Reading Reading
92 Writing Writing


Speech language pathology focus area leisure community intervention type


The type of intervention used for leisure and/or community as part of the speech and language therapy treatment session

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